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Wazobet Non Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Wazobet
No Deposit Wazobet

Wazobet Non Deposit Bonus    

Do you still consider registering on the Sports Betting Website online or not? Right now, you can stop worrying and get on the Wazobet Sports Platform. That`s because you are awaiting a great offer. This fantastic bonus is calling a Non-Deposit Bonus. With the growing number of sports betting platforms these days, most offer only bonuses that tie with the first amount you’ll deposit to determine how much bonus you’ll receive.  The Wazobet Non-Deposit Bonus is entirely different from this stringent confidence. Even before you take any risk to play or invest your own money you will receive this bonus to start your experience. 

No Deposit Wazobet
No Deposit Wazobet

How to Receive this Wazobet Non-Deposit Bonus 

It is free and available for anyone without any task to earn this Non-Deposit Bonus. You only have to go to Wazobet, register, and you will receive this bonus instantly.

This Bonus offers you free NGN 777 upon registration to play any sports betting and over 300 Wazobet Slots. Aside from these, the other goodness about the bonus is that it does not require a wager multiplier which makes it a lot easier to use.

Non-Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions 

  • 1. Every player has two balances: the Main Balance and Bonus Balance. 
  • 2. All funds credited before the first deposit are added to the Bonus Balance. 
  • 3. All funds credited after the first deposit are added to the Main Balance. 
  • 4. To withdraw funds from the Bonus Balance, first, it needs to be transferred to the Main Balance. 
  • 5. Every Saturday, part of funds from the Bonus Balance transfers to Main Balance – and it is called cashback. Amount of funds that will be transferred from Bonus Balance to Main Balance as a weekly cashback depends on the user’s activity. The higher the user’s weekly activity the higher the amount of weekly cashback. 
  • 6. As soon as funds are transferred from Bonus Balance to the Main Balance, it can be used for betting or be withdrawn. The higher the user’s activity, the faster he can transfer all funds from the Bonus Balance to the Main One

And now that you know all the criteria related to this bonus, you don’t waste more time, go straight on Wazobet Sports Betting and Casino Platform to register, it is important to tell a friend about it too because there is enough to go round for everyone. Effectively without a deposit of your own, you can get a lot of money to start winning, no hassle! The NGN 777 is absolutely free for all.

Wazobet Deposit Options

Payment Methods - Deposit on Wazobet Twitter
Payment Methods - Deposit on Wazobet Twitter

Wazobet Deposit Options

One of the advantages of playing Sports Betting and Casino online is the ease that comes with it. When you can stay in your home or on-the-go conveniently, and still win games. But if you can’t deposit effectively, then it will become difficult for you to start playing. However, on Wazobet, the numerous Deposit options will make you stay ahead.

Payment Methods - Deposit on Wazobet
Payment Methods – Deposit on Wazobet

Has always been a very preemptive online sports betting and casino platform in Nigeria, Wazobet has ensured that your experience with them is kept cheerful, especially with a very convenient deposit option that allows you to instantly fund your online wallet at no cost.

Wazobet’s many deposit options are truly safe, secure, and reliable. Most of all, it is an automatic process that will ensure that your deposited funds are reflected in your Wazobet online account once you have received a successful confirmation of the transaction after you have made the payment.

You can use your Debit / Credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, and even cryptocurrency to execute your Wazobet deposit using any of the following methods:

  • Visa/Master Card 
  • Verve
  • First Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • UBA
  • GTB
  • ALAT Bank
  • ecoPayz
  • Skrill
  • Quickteller 
  • Litecoin 

The minimum amount that can be deposited at any given time is NGN200. For all available deposit options, the maximum amount that can be deposited in a single transaction is limited to NGN2,000,000, but the deposit through Verve has a separate cap limit that is set at NGN250,000.

How to deposit on WazoBet?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to Create Wazobet Account?

  1. STEP1:

    Log in to your WazoBet account and click on the refill tab at the top right corner of the web page. 

  2. STEP2:

    Click on the deposit icon and you will see different options of funding your account. 

  3. STEP3:

    Click on your preferred method of payment and fill in the necessary details.

  4. STEP4:

    Click on pay and your account will be funded immediately. 

If each user is the sole owner of a Wazobet account and all the funds that will be inside such an account, then always make sure that all personal information in your account is always the same as the debit/credit name or any other account from which the deposit is made. Also, make sure that this is correct in order to prevent any violation of the law that could result in any penalty.

How to Create Account on Wazobet?

How to Create Account on Wazobet Platform
How to Create Account on Wazobet Platform

How to Create Account on Wazobet

The Wazobet Sports Betting and Casino registration process is very fast and easy. With your mobile number and e-mail, you can easily register.

Some people have email addresses and others don’t have email addresses so you can register with your mobile number as well.

How to Create Account on Wazobet Platform
How to Create Account on Wazobet Platform

In both methods of registering on the Wazobet Online Sports Betting and Casino Platform follow this guide step-by-step. To begin both methods, you must first visit www.wazobet.com.

Registration via Phone Number:

  • Step 1: From the homepage, click on the yellow “Register” button.
  • Step 2: From the next page, you will see “Register in the phone”. Insert your phone number then submit, thereafter which you will receive an SMS containing your USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Step 3: Go back to the homepage, click on the “Log in” button then input your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on sign-in to open your account.
  • Step 4: Having signed in for the first time, you will be present with 4 cards. Pick a card of choice, the chosen card will reveal how much you have won as a Welcome Bonus.

Registration via Email Address :

  • Step 1: From the homepage, click on the yellow “Register” button.
  • Step 2: From the next page, you will see “Register in an email”. Insert your email, then a link will be sent to your email address. Follow the link to confirm your registration.
  • Step 3: Go back to the homepage, click on the “Log in” button then input your USERNAME and PASSWORD, click on sign-in to open your account.
  • Step 4: Complete the registration then pick a card of choice. Much like the phone number method, the chosen card will unveil the amount you have won as a Welcome Bonus.

Congratulations! You are done so you can start winning. 

Video guide how to register!

Weekly CashBack on Wazobet Platform

Weekly Cashback Bonus Wazobet
Weekly Cashback Bonus Wazobet

Weekly CashBack on Wazobet Platform 

Wazobet Online Sports Betting & Casino Portal is one of the most supportive online gaming platforms you’re ever excited to know. Especially because he always puts its customers first. That is why they included the Wazobet Weekly Cashback Bonus to their rich list of bonuses. It means giving back to their players.

Weekly Cashback Bonus Wazobet
Weekly Cashback Bonus Wazobet

Excruciatingly, every now and then, we always struggled to make those wins in some way. No matter how cautious or wise we may have set out to play at those games. That typically leads to loss of cash and sadness.

This is one reason why Wazobet became prompted to introduce the weekly cashback bonus to reward players when they lose their money.

How does the Wazobet weekly cashback work? 

The weekly cashback bonus ensures that if you’ve been participating on the website, even if you’ve made bets and ended up losing it over the past week, you’re going to get a certain percentage of the total consideration to playback new games.

The Wazobet cashback bonus is the percentage of the value of a calculation period on your deposit. The calculation runs from last Friday until the present Wednesday. You will receive a cashback on your account forthwith.

Players need to make sure they have an active (and deposited) account to get 10 percent cashback for at least 5 days of 6 days a week. If your account is not sufficiently active in the specified number of days, you will only earn 7 percent cash back.

Nevertheless, VIP players can earn a 12 percent cashback, whether they are active during the week or not, and they will also have no limit on how many games they can enjoy.

On Wazobet the minimum cash-back provided is NGN10. When the amount hits the player’s biggest deposit in the past week, players will get cashback based on the highest deposit.

Wazobet BDay Bonus Review 2020

BDay Bonus Wazobet Gift
BDay Bonus Wazobet Gift

Wazobet BDay Bonus 

Ever since Wazobet became up and running as online sports betting and casino gaming site in Nigeria, innovative features have been established to outshine all other sports betting and casino platforms. The Wazobet Birthday Bonus is one of those exclusive and interesting features.

BDay Bonus Wazobet Gift
BDay Bonus Wazobet Gift

You will always wonder what the BDay Bonus is all about on Wazobet. It is a special gift offered to their customers to celebrate the moment with them on their Birthdays. Ultimately, it is a gift in the form of a bonus that Wazobet transfers to the customer’s account and it can be received in two very easy ways but you must make sure you fulfill all the conditions for this exclusive Wazobet BDay Bonus to be awarded.

The simple way to claim your  Wazobet BDay Bonus 

To start with, be aware that 3 days to your birthday, or 3 days after your birthday is when you can request your Wazobet BDay Bonus. Just make you have made at least a deposit of NGN 5000 into your Wazobet account over time to qualify for the BDay bonus. Proceed after that to contact the Wazobet Customer Representative Service that operates 24/7 to request your Wazobet BDay Bonus.

You will be asked to submit a colored copy of your National Identification Card or some other identification card approved by the government. After the verification of your ID, your bonus will be transferred to your account. This Wazobet BDay Bonus has a 5-time wagering obligation before it is transferred from your bonus account to your main account.

So don’t forget to grab your special Wazobet BDay Bonus whenever your birthday is near.

For more information check out the FAQ page.

Wazobet Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator Bonus Wazobet
Accumulator Bonus Wazobet

Wazobet Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator bonus – this very same Bonus from Wazobet is a very rewarding type, which acknowledges high risks for users who accumulate multiple games in a single bet slip. The more games you select the greater the amount of money you will win, but the more likely the entire bet you will lose. Anyways, this has always been the main idea behind betting.

Accumulator Bonus Wazobet
Accumulator Bonus Wazobet

However, Wazobet is ready to reward you with a huge bonus per additional selection in addition to the betting slip for such a risk. The more you consider the additional selection to your bet slip, the higher your bonus. The bonus amounts will be added to your payout automatically and up to 125% if your bet slip has 25 selections. This type of huge bonus can only be received from Wazobet.

When Will The Wazobet Accumulator Bonus Be Triggered? 

When a single slip piles up 4 or more sportsbook betting options with a minimum odds of 1.25, the Wazobet acc. bonus is triggered. The minimum 1.2 odds will then be taken into consideration when the options hit the 11th selection on the same bet slip.

In multiple options, the Wazobet Bonus acc. can also be used for 4-fold. Betting on the grounds of 3 or less may also be considered.

Furthermore, no VOID / CANCELLED games will be calculated in the acc. bonus estimate. This simply means that the actual Accumulator Bonus listed first on your bet slip before gameplay will immediately adjust to a new recalculation if these two results happen.

For more information check out the FAQ page.

Wazobet Social Media Platforms – All Platform Review

Social Media Wazobet TW
Social Media Wazobet TW

Wazobet Social Media Platforms 

Wazobet Sports Betting and Casino have a strong social media presence and this is a big step for a complete online gambling platform that offers premium gaming services for all kinds of players.

Social Media Wazobet
Social Media Wazobet

This ensures that the social media platform helps you to access the latest content, promotions, and even instructional videos so that your Wazobet accounts can be handled effectively by you. 

A collection of videos, especially on Wazobet YouTube Channels, are made available to users, where you can learn to explore the Wazobet platform seamlessly. Here, videos of how to earn those numerous bonuses, how to deposit and withdraw easily, and many other fantastic and promotional videos are shared. 

So you can check out Wazobet YouTube Channel by clicking on the link below:


Wazobet Twitter Page as seen below, follow the link to get exciting updates:


And don’t forget to check out Wazobet Instagram Page also for the latest information:


The Wazobet Facebook Page is also available through the link below:


Always ensure you subscribe to and follow all Wazobet Social Media Accounts so that you don’t miss any of these fun deals and promotions when new content is published.

Here is the Wazobet Licence Validator to reaffirm their legality and credibility. 


Affiliate Platform:

You are expected to make a lot of money from the Wazobet Affiliate system if you are a Wazobet affiliate. The amount you can earn is limitless if you do your promotional activities correctly and attract huge traffic to the site and meet certain requirements.

Follow the below link and register as a partner. You can easily obtain additional details on this affiliate program following the link!


Wazobet Sports Betting Platform Review and Full Guide

Sports BEtting Review Wazobet
Sports BEtting Review Wazobet

Wazobet Sports Betting Platform Review

You’re excited about sports betting and you want to back your favorite teams when they play important matches? No worries, you can do it all on Wazobet. If you want to place a bet that will most likely be a winning one, you can simply go through Wazobet daily soccer tips which are available to you at any moment.

Sports BEtting Review Wazobet
Sports BEtting Review Wazobet

Wazobet offers a wide range of sports to bet on. Of course, the top place is reserved for soccer and soccer prediction, seeing how that is one of the most popular sports in the world. Right after soccer, there are betting opportunities for tennis, basketball, volleyball.

That is not all. On Wazobet, you can find sports that are popular all over the globe, such as:

  1. Football/Soccer
  2. Badminton
  3. Cricket
  4. Basketball
  5. Ice Hockey
  6. Rugby and others.

Apart from betting on the upcoming matches and events, Wazobet also offers the option of live betting. If you want to ramp up the excitement while you watch your favorite sporting event, you can bet on it while it is happening. The most important thing is to pay attention to the Wazobet odds, as they will quickly change, as the event progresses. So, read carefully the Wazobet football prediction section and decide which type of bet you want to place.

SportsBook Platform on Wazobet

Aside from being trustworthy and reliable, WazoBet offers you the best intuitive and fluid online bet experience.

The software is supersonic, user-friendly, and easy on the eyes in addition to being bug-free with the highest level of security. It uses the best technology available so that placing betting on the mobile device platform or website is a stress-free experience. The sports booking platform gives you the ability to place a bet on the go while providing easy ways to fund your account. It pays the clients all their winnings with no delay. The software is designed to accommodate both Android and iOS devices. The rules are fair and do not include rules to delay players from cashing out their funds when they request it.  

It offers an extensive selection of betting options with extra features because it does not want you bored with limited betting offers. WazoBet also provides you with the alternative of continuous bet throughout a game with many betting options available. WazoBet’s online or mobile user interface layout makes finding all you need without difficulty, cluttering, and muddling up the display.

  • If you click on sport, it will take you to where you can place bets on any team you wish, as you click on the bet option the bet slip will appear on the right-hand part of the screen.
  • Clicking on the various games and events will lead you to other bet opportunities.
  • When you scroll to the bottom of the screen, there are clickable you can click for help or to get useful information.

to take advantage of this platform

Terms and Conditions of Wazobet Sport Betting

Terms and conditions:

  1. Opening an account with WazoBet means that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of the site.
  2. The minimum stake is 100 NGN and the maximum payout is 10,000,000,000 NGN.
  3. Betting will be considered invalid if a transaction code is not issued out by wazoBet prior to betting.
  4. WazoBet has the right to close any account without giving any reason.
  5. All betting odds can be changed at any time when this happens notices will be made before the start of a game.
  6. WazoBet will not be held responsible for any action resulting from the use of the website in regions where gambling is illegal.
  7. WazoBet will only accept bets made with funds available in a player account through the website.
  8. All accepted bets outcome is based on official results. 
  9. No-one under the age of 18 or the age of legal consent for a player’s region should engage in our sports gambling.
  10. WazoBet has the authority to reduce the maximum potential winning by the bet, or by a combination of the best.
  11. All winning bets are subject to taxes and levies enforced by the player’s government.
  12. WazoBet has the right to withhold payment if there is evidence of foul play in a sporting or betting activity.

How to Create Account on Wazobet Casino Platform?

You can register using your mobile number or your email.

  • STEP 1: Insert either your phone number or your email. A message containing your username and password will be sent to your phone. A link to confirm your email address would be sent to your mail if you registered with an email. Follow the link.
  • STEP 2: If you registered with your mobile phone, click on login, insert your username and password in the provided column. Click on sign in to log in to your account.
  • STEP 3: Select a card to determine the size of your bonus. The card you pick will determine the amount you will get as a bonus.
  • STEP 4: Congratulations! You are now a member of WazoBet. Begin betting with your WazoBet bonus

What makes Wazobet special is that  there various Bonuses

  • 1. Free play bonus: Free play bonuses are gotten by removing a part of your deposit. If the bet was won from a free play bonus, only the profit will be added to your cash balance.
  • 2. Cash bonuses: return both the stake and the profits if the bet was won. 
  • 3. Risk-free bonus: If this type of bonus is used to place a bet but the bet is lost, the bonus is not necessarily lost but if used to place a second bet and the bet is lost then the increase is also lost this time.
Wazobet Casino Bonus Review
Wazobet Casino Bonus Review

Non-Deposit Bonus

There are deposit limitations and withdrawing conditions on the new member WazoBet bonus. This bonus is known as a no-deposit bonus.  You can use this bonus to play real money games and it has no wager multiplier. Upon first deposit, the amount won using a non-deposit bonus is transferred to your cashback balance. From there, the funds are transferred to the main balance. When you win more than 77777 NGN with a non-deposit bonus, you gain the right to withdraw 8000 NGN (but no more than 2000 weekly). To request withdrawal of this amount, you must make at least one deposit not less than 1000 NGN, and place bets for the accumulated amount of at least 1000 NGN.

    The more selections you make, the more your accumulator bonus. The bonus percentages are applied to the possible winning of multiple bets. Bonus offer applies to returns on accumulators with 4 or more selections for all kinds of sport with a minimum of 1.25 odds.  Selections that are settled as void/canceled will not be considered in the accumulator bonus calculation, therefore, the actual accumulator bonus amount may change from the one reported first in the bet slip

AccumulatorBonus (%)

Again, Weekly cashback is from the amazing advantages of Wazobet

Cashback bonus means that if you make betting and you lost, you will get the same amount back in the form of a bonus that you can use to bet in a new game. WazoBet cash you back up to 12% of the deposit for the calculation period. The calculation is from last Friday to the current Wednesday. Cashback is credited automatically. To receive 10% of cashback player’s account should be active (and deposited) minimum 5 days of 6 days of the week, all other players will be rewarded with 7% of cashback. The minimum cashback amount is 10 NGN. If the amount exceeds the player’s biggest deposit made during the last week, players will receive cashback capped at the biggest deposit. VIP players receive 12% cashback despite the activities during the week; they also have no game restrictions.

BDay Bonus

WazoBet offers a complimentary gift on your birthday in the shape of a BDay bonus, which is given 3 days before or after your birthday. This bonus is credited to your WazoBet account if your total deposit amount is over 5000 NGN. Kindly contact our 24/7 support and request for your BDay bonus. You will be asked to upload a colored copy of your National identity card with your birth date clearly visible. WazoBet’s BDay increase, the bet is five.

Is it your birthday today? Congratulations and many happy returns!

WazoBet offers you a wide variety of payment options you can pick from depending on your convenience. These methods allow people with different lifestyles to participate in sports betting. It has excellent payment options to choose from. Our list below gives you ranges of payment option, where you can pick your favorite payment method for deposit or withdrawal. These methods ensure fast funding of your WazoBet account.

Deposit option on Wazobet

Deposit options are 100% secure and reliable Below is a list of alternatives you could use to deposit into your WazoBet account.

MethodProcessing TimeMinimum limitMaximum limitFeeDetails
Visa/Master Card 1Instant200250000FreeVisa/Master/Maestro card
Visa/Master Card 1Instant2002000000FreeVisa/Master/Maestro card
VerveInstant200250000FreeVerve Card
First BankInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
Zenith BankInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
Sterling BakInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
UBAInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
GTBInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account
ALAT BankInstant2002000000FreeCredit card, Bank account

Withdrawal options on Wazobet

withdrawal methods are fast and 100% secure and reliable. Below is a list of options you can withdrawal into your bank account.

MethodFastest possible payout time Slowest possible payout timeMinimum limitMaximum limitFee
Bank Transfer12 hours28 days200250000Free
First Bank12 hours28 days2002000000Free
Sterling Bak12 hours28 days2002000000Free
UBA12 hours28 days2002000000Free
GTB12 hours28 days2002000000Free
ecoPayz12 hours28 days2002000000Free
Skrill12 hours28 days2002000000Free

NOW if you already have an account and you want to delete it 

Again it too easy, you will need just to contact the WazoBet customer service. They will assist you in deleting your account entirely from the system with no questions asked.

If you ask about the Gambling Licence of Wazobet Platform

I can tell you that WazoBet is operated by Emerald Bet International Limited, which is licensed and regulated to offer online gaming services by the Curacao gaming Association, and Lagos State Lottery Board under the law of Nigeria with these rest assured that it will offer fair services. Emerald Best International Limited’s address is 7a, Oduduwa Street, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria.

  Of course, one of the best advantages of Wazobet is Wazobet Mobile App

. WazoBet app condenses the function and application of its web-based platform into a mobile app, which runs effectively making the experience you find on mobile apps comparable to what you get on the web-based platform. This means that you can now have the entire WazoBet experience and place of bet at your reach at all times.

. Availability: WazoBet’s mobile app is available on different Operating Systems such as Android and iOS. Ther are still working on making them available in all app stores.

. Speed: The app loaded quickly and was easy to understand and use when it carried out various tests on it.

. Overall Performance: The app is bug-free, advert-free in addition to being clean, and responsive. It functions well on all levels, no drugs were detected, and navigation was easy.

. Live Betting: Like on the web-based platform, live betting is also available on WazoBet’s mobile app.

. Bet Slip: Bet slip, which is always at the right-hand side is easy to use. You can easily pick and delete options as well as open and minimizing the function whenever you want.

. Cashier: The cashier function is fast and receptive, and several methods of deposit and withdrawal are also available.

     Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of betting which has existed for a very long time. The same way people used to bet in those days is almost the same way people do it today. Even though some parameters have changed, the concept is still the same.

You bet for a team of your favorite sport, if you win you make money, if your prediction goes wrong, you will lose money. It seems very simple but, it is still a complex in nature; as you never know until the last minute in any sports which team or league is going to win. Nobody can predict 100% of the outcome of any game or sports.