Wazobet Easy Money Category


Wazobet Easy Money Category

As a leading online gaming platform, Wazobet knows precisely how to ensure that all types of players are constantly kept interested and satisfied using their extensive industry experience. The Easy Money Category was therefore created to add this kind of value.

As earlier pointed, let me break this down for you bit by bit how these Easy Money games suit all kinds of players. Often we get overwhelmed by paying too much attention to certain games just so we don’t lose our money due to any kind of distraction. Sometimes we don’t even earn those incredible bonus chances and could lose them if we get carried away while playing. This usually gets us frustrated and eventually we get tired.

Now take this sweetener, with the Easy Money, you don’t have to place so much focus or get intense because the games are so fun and simple to play and yet they pay so much money in return. It is no surprise that the category is named Easy Money.

In a nutshell, you can play these games at your leisure without paying a lot of focus or get stressed out!

In this Easy Money Category on Wazobet, currently, there are 10 games and they are outlined below so that you have a good idea how fun and enriching the games are:

Scratch Dice 

The Scratch Dice game is perhaps the easiest game out there needing no strategy or plenty of focus. It’s a Scratch Dice, each ticket has an area covered that you must scratch to find out what you have won. 

Gems Odyssey 

The game can also cause free games by random means, in which players have a second chance to win more. Finally, you want to grab a cluster of jackpot tiles to win really big in this slot.

Poke the Guy 

To start, players must choose from a selection of items with which to hit the man. If you succeed and get the guy, a random reward of multipliers of up to 500x will be awarded. Very Easy Money game. 

Golden Boot 2018

Rather than free spins, this virtual football match will give you something far more useful: free balls. By lighting up all 3 LEDs at the top of the game panel you can win 5, 10, or 20 bonus balls.

Boss the Ball

This is an interesting game for both beginners and experts. To win, you’ll have to become the big boss of the balls. Be in charge of the great game to take home the jackpot. There are 49 balls, 43 medals, and six red cards, all randomly scattered over the reels.

The Other Five are:

  • The Incredible Balloon Machine
  • Rocket Dice
  • Plinko
  • Minesweeper
  • Heads and Tails


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